This young adult novel by Raquel J. Palacio is an inspiring story of a boy who is different and learning where he fits in at school.

August is a boy with a disability that he has had from birth. He has had numerous surgeries but he still looks very different. He has been homeschooled all his life until middle school. he struggles to find where he belongs in the schools social group but ends up finding a few genuine friends along the way.

This book is a really good book. It gives readers an insight on how it feels to have a disability. People make assumptions about how people must feel all of the time, but this is actually how some people feel. I think this book shows us how focused on appearances we as humans can be.

This book shows that you should never judge a book by its cover. It is also a really good reminder that physical disabilities and mental disabilities are not the same. Many people assume that physical disabilities means that they have mental disabilities as well, but that is not true.

The overall theme of this book has a lot to do with not judging someone based on their appearance. It shows that kids can be really mean and your stares and whispers do not go unnoticed. It is a very influencial, eye-opening book that I will have on my shelf.


13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons why is a young adult novel about a sixteen year old girl Hannah Baker. The book is narrated by Clay Jensen who used to have a crush on Hannah. The story is about the thirteen tapes she mailed to different people that effected her life and made it end the way that it did.

This book will probably not be on my shelf in my classroom. It is actually banned in many schools.

It glorifies suicide. Hannah had lots of issues, but the tapes were meant to justify her death, and blame everyone on them for her killing herself. This is problematic and can be confusing to young adult readers, who might be struggling with this same thing. Hannah gave up and she blamed everyone around her for it.

Students should be taught about suicide prevention and learning how to catch the signs of it. But not in a way that glorifies it. Hannah killed Hannah. Hannah is responsible for Hannah’s death. Hannah went through a lot of horrible things, but nothing justifies killing yourself and blaming it on other people.

Overall 13 Reasons Why left a bad taste in my mouth. The story idea is good I think it is something that students need to learn. But the way is presented in this book is not okay. In my opinion justifying suicide in a young adult book presents the wrong message.

the do’s and the dont’s of writing a review

Here are a couple things to keep in mind when writing a book review.


  • Be specific! Tell the readers why you like the book or why you do not like the book. Its important to say why you feel the way you do about a book. It was your favorite book because of the loving sacrifice that was shown in the novel? Tell us what happened!
  • Pick a side. A review is either good or bad. Ultimately a review is telling me your opinion on this book. If you can’t decide how you feel about it read it again, then write your review.


  • Don’t write a summary of the book. I am reading your review to find out how you felt about it, not what happened in the book.
  • Don’t be nasty. If you didn’t like the book, thats alright. Trashing the book and the author on a review just reflects poorly of you. There are plenty of ways to express your disappointment with the book other than being rude.
  • Don’t make it a sequel. Reviews aren’t supposed to be novel length. Keep it relatively short and to the point.

well hello there!

Hi! My name is Bellamy Miller, I’m a junior at Morehead State University, I am a Middle Grades English and Special Education major. I enjoy good books, iced coffee and my cats.

This blog has been created with my future students in mind. Here on this page I will be reviewing Young Adult novels of many different genres. I hope to express my own opinion and allow my students to comment or counteract anything that they might feel differently about. With this blog I aim to create a safe place for students to review books that they are reading without a teacher telling them how to think, feel, and interpret a book.

I will review the book on here and the comments will be open, feel free to comment or counteract anything that doesn’t add up in your mind. note: this is not to start debates, just to build thinking and questioning skills. Comments should always be explained thoroughly with evidence from the literature if possible.

Happy reading (: