the do’s and the dont’s of writing a review

Here are a couple things to keep in mind when writing a book review.


  • Be specific! Tell the readers why you like the book or why you do not like the book. Its important to say why you feel the way you do about a book. It was your favorite book because of the loving sacrifice that was shown in the novel? Tell us what happened!
  • Pick a side. A review is either good or bad. Ultimately a review is telling me your opinion on this book. If you can’t decide how you feel about it read it again, then write your review.


  • Don’t write a summary of the book. I am reading your review to find out how you felt about it, not what happened in the book.
  • Don’t be nasty. If you didn’t like the book, thats alright. Trashing the book and the author on a review just reflects poorly of you. There are plenty of ways to express your disappointment with the book other than being rude.
  • Don’t make it a sequel. Reviews aren’t supposed to be novel length. Keep it relatively short and to the point.

well hello there!

Hi! My name is Bellamy Miller, I’m a junior at Morehead State University, I am a Middle Grades English and Special Education major. I enjoy good books, iced coffee and my cats.

This blog has been created with my future students in mind. Here on this page I will be reviewing Young Adult novels of many different genres. I hope to express my own opinion and allow my students to comment or counteract anything that they might feel differently about. With this blog I aim to create a safe place for students to review books that they are reading without a teacher telling them how to think, feel, and interpret a book.

I will review the book on here and the comments will be open, feel free to comment or counteract anything that doesn’t add up in your mind. note: this is not to start debates, just to build thinking and questioning skills. Comments should always be explained thoroughly with evidence from the literature if possible.

Happy reading (: